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Messenger Code is a code that is automatically created. With each personal Facebook account or each Fanpage, there is a different code. Your customers can use Messenger app on their phone to scan this code created by Messenger Code Growth Tool. After scanning the code, the customers will become the subscribers to your bot and receive the automatic message from the system.

You can print this code and put it anywhere (such as: stores, bills, ect) to serve different purposes here: giving your customers the promotion codes or collecting their information.

To create new Messenger Code Growth Tool, please follow these steps below:

Step 1: In the 'Growth Tools' tab in your Harafunnel account, click '+ New Growth Tool' button in the upper right corner:

Step 2: Choose the widget 'Messenger Code' in this section:

Step 3: Set up the Opt-In message by clicking on 'Edit':

           - This Opt-In message will be sent to users as soon as they scan the code.

           - After editing the Opt-In message as you expect, click 'Save' button:

Step 4

           - Go back to the setting tab by clicking on the name of the tool here:

           - And then click 'Setup' tab or 'Next':

Step 5

           - The code itself gets generated as soon as you click this 'Setup' tab:

           - Note that:

                + As you can see, the image size can be adjusted here (100-2000px) and then you can download code image to your device.

                + Each time you click 'Setup' tab, a new code is generated automatically.

Step 6: Don't forget to click 'Save' button and then 'enable' the tool to activate it:

How To Scan Messenger Code:

           - To scan a Messenger Code, users have to do the following (official Facebook instruction):

                + Open the Messenger App on your mobile.

                + Find and open 'Scan Code' feature. 

                + A circle will appear. Center the Messenger Code in the circle. Messenger will automatically scan the code.

                + Once it happens, 'Get Started' button is displayed for new users which should be clicked so that the user could become a Subscriber and receive information from your bot, starting with this Growth Tool's Opt-In Message. With the users who had already subscribed to your bot previously, they will not see the 'Get Started' message but receive the Opt-In message right away instead.

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