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When talking about Chatbot, most people immediately think of a completely automatic chatbot messenger. This means it automatically answers all questions, responds smartly to customers before they do all things manually. Of course, that is all what everyone wants, but in fact, Chatbot can't answer all questions automatically. In case you have to answer a number of personal questions when selling, you have to do this manually. And maybe, you will chat manually with your customers by using "Inbox" feature on Facebook Page, which looks like this:

The problem is that it's so complicated to chat and manage dozens or even hundreds of conversations at the same time. That's the reason why we created Live Chat. And you can access by clicking on the third tab named Live Chat here:

 Now, before starting to understand how Live Chat works, take a brief look about important points about Live Chat:

OVERVIEW: What Is Live Chat? And How Does It Work?

    What is Live Chat? 

        - Harafunnel Live Chat is a tool that allows you to communicate with your subscribers right in Harafunnel.

    How effectively does it work?

       - Most of the previous traditional channels such as: email, even phone call - are flooded with unexpected ads and spam. Therefore, I haven't trusted too much in these channels anymore because of these reasons:

  • Email open and click rates tend to decrease whereas your email inbox is full with promotion and advertising messages.
  • Many people are tired of phone calls and advertisements. Sometimes, they won't take calls from unknown numbers.

       - However Facebook Messenger is quite different. It is always a reliable and safe place for many reasons here:

  • Facebook Messenger as an ecosystem, which stores almost users' information in, and everyone feels very comfortable and secure here.

  • All conversations take place via Facebook account, which means you know exactly who is texting you (most of them are friends and family members)
  • Facebook has set up strict rules of advertising frequency which can check and control pre-sent advertisements. Actually, they want to ensure that you are not disturbed by ads in Messenger.

--> These are the reasons why Facebook Messenger is a great place for businesses to connect with their customers. And Harafunnel is a powerful tool which is run and set up on Facebook Messenger platform.

And now, here is the five ways for using Harafunnel Live Chat to interact with your customers and develop your business:

       1. Having potential customers and long-term prospects:

           - Live Chat is very useful for sales, especially for companies which apply successfully sales consultancy. But why? Let's look at the picture below and notice how many different tags have been tagged to the customer:

           - As you can see, Live Chat helps you cover all tags which were tagged to the customer chatting with you. With this, you can know her input source as well as her access history to the Chatbot (also hobbies, sequences they have registered, etc ...). It's also easy to add a new tag to a customer. 

           - But why do we need this feature during sales consultancy and sales? Because during talking to your customers, you can know who is the potential customers for your goods or service. You can tag them with a tag related to their interests (such as: 'accessory_hat'), and then send them relevant content to take care of them until they buy your goods or use your service, or even buy more and more, buy again and again.

           - In fact, you can use it as a real CRM tool to keep track of potential customers.

       2. Reducing chat time with Chatbot:

           - You have already known Chatbot supports a lot in consulting and showing important information which your customers care, so your employees don't need to interact manually with them. Beside this, you only handle all the conversations with all customers at only one place. 

       3Improving quality customer service:

           - Most businesses use Facebook Messenger because their quality customer service is greatly improved. Your customers easily connect to your business and receive your response soon. In the other side, there are many customers who are tired of waiting for your response for hours or even for days while contacting via email, and they also want to connect with you via another channel that makes they feel more comfortable. And Facebook Messenger is a channel like that! With Messenger, your customers can easily ask questions about your goods or service, and you also send them information about your promotional codes, discounts so quickly and easily.

           - Using Live Chat, you can quickly answer your customers' questions and solve their problems on time, so you can support them better. 

           - If you plan to use Live Chat with the desire to provide a better customer service, just make sure that you have enough employees to respond promptly. Especially with Harafunnel Live Chat, when you understand your business field and customers, you need very few employees to be in charge.

       4Answering sensitive questions:

           - What I really like on Facebook Messenger is that it provides continuous conversations (like talking directly on the phone) or private messages in my own mail.

           - Depending on your goods or service you provide, you can make use of this feature to help your customers feel comfortable in asking sensitive questions which they can't ask directly via phone call. Some people may feel very uncomfortable when talking about sensitive topics related to your goods and service. So why don't we give them a chance to talk with us about sensitive topics in a easy and comfortable way like using Live Chat?

           - This is just one of many suggestions for using Harafunnel Live Chat to serve customers with the way they want and give them better experiences while connecting with you and your business.

       5. Building customer relationships:

           - One of my favorite things while using Facebook Marketing is its personalization. It is not like spam, banner ads or ads on Youtube. The contents of these ads are so popular and for a lot of people at the same time - not personal or emotional, so many people don't care or even don't like.

           - With Messenger Marketing, it is a 1-1 conversation which is loved and believed by many people. In fact, with the channel, you can easily and quickly get your customers' belief and build a strong relationship with them. It is not difficult or sometimes very simple. For example, after shipping to the customer, you just need to ask some questions like: 'Have you received my goods yet?', 'Are you satisfied with my goods?'. Although they are simple questions, customers also love them because they feel your heartiness!

       6. Bringing great experiences to your customers:

           - Have you ever had very bad experiences from using service of some businesses? We guess the answer is almost YES! Sometimes, we expect too little in providing good experiences for our customers, but this doesn't mean you can't bring your customers great experiences! And Live Chat is a powerful tool to make this come true. It helps you not only build your strong and bright brand in the present and future but also improve your customers' bad experiences in the past.

           - Once again, we strongly assert that it's extremely simple to do this! - but this makes a big difference, especially for busy customers.

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