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Research and targeting 'Customer is a key to succeed'. Let’s find out how Harafunnel can help you with it!

Here is a brief look at the Customer Tab:

There are 9 main elements in this tab:

        (1) In this section, you can filter your customers and search for a particular subscriber

        (2) The number of currently selected subscribers

        (3) The bulk actions you can apply to selected subscribers such as: add/remove tag, set/clear subscriber custom field, subscriber from Sequence, unsubscriber to Sequence

        (4) Your Subscribers list

        (5) The number of all subscribers

        (6) Subscribers list filtered according to Tag

        (7) Subscribers list filtered according to Ref Parameters

        (8) Subscribers list filtered according to Custom Fields

        (9) Subscribers list filtered according to Sequences

Now, let see details in each section:


  • Click on any of your Subscribers' names to access their detailed profile, including: their gender, tags which are attached, and so on.


  • You can combine these filters to better target and analyze your customers. And you may choose as many conditions as you want:

  • Or you can filter customers quickly by clicking on tags, ref parameters, custom fields, and sequences on the right:


  • A tag is a way to categorize your subscribers (your customers). You can easily add and remove tags from subscribers to indicate that they are a part (or not a part) of a specific group.

  • You can also add tags with 'Bulk actions'. When a person clicks on the Subscribe button, you can automatically tag them with a tag you set up. For example, you have a tag 'receive new post' and add this tag to a group of customers, and then do a weekly broadcast only for the tagged group. 
  • Regard tags as a way to group your subscribers. By using tags, you can get insights into your subscribers and provide highly relevant content for people who need it the most.
  • How To Remove Tag:

                  + Just hover over the tag that you want to delete and click the red cross!


                  + And then click "Delete Tag" in the confirmation pop-up.



  • Nobody likes to click a lot. If you don’t like to click much when performing same actions for the hundreds time, 'Bulk Actions' will help you to save your time.
  • After having selected all the users you wanted or tagged people, you can add tag or remove tag, set or clear subscriber Custom Field, subscriber to Sequence or unsubscriber from Sequence.

Hope this helps you build a great business!

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