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Dashboard is the first page you see when you successfully log in to Harafunnel. In this part, the data, the graph and the reports related to the number of customers on your Fanpage can be seen since the time of connecting Fanpage with Harafunnel.

And here is how the Dashboard looks!

In this part, you can see:

(1) Dashboard is on the top of the left Menu.

(2) On the top left, you will see your page avatar, name, and a short link to your page’s Messenger - Everything is so neat! And you can also send this link to everyone or post it anywhere to grow your subscribers.

(7) Time period: you can change the time period, and numbers below the graph will change accordingly. 

You can analyze stats with the four different metrics here:

(6) Total subscribers: shows how many subscribers you have right now (since the time of connecting Fanpage with Harafunnel)

(3) Subscribers: shows you statistics for users who subscribed from your bot 

(5) Unsubscribers: shows you statistics for users who unsubscribed from your bot

(4) Net Subscribers: shows you numbers that represent 'Subscribes minus Unsubscribes'


  • The metrics (3), (4), (5) - Subscribes, Net Subscribers, and Unsubscribes numbers are changing according to the chosen time period (7) under the graph. This also means that you can choose the time period (a day, seven days, a month) to see the exact report as you wish.

  • This is a line chart of subscribers counted from Dec 31st, 2018 to Jan 14th, 2019. You may hover over every single dot in the line to see the exact numbers.

  • Subscribers & Unsubscribers shows you day by day statistics for users who subscribed and unsubscribed from your bot. This view helps you analyze why you have ups and downs, which dates those ups and downs correlate to, and give you some insight into how you can get more subscribers.

  • Remember that sometimes Facebook bans fake/suspicions accounts in huge numbers, and you can see inexplicable unsubscribe numbers. Don’t be scared, Facebook is just working hard to make their platform a better place to be with their huge and vastly growing number of users.

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